Investment Announcement

R&D Startup Motius closes investment round with Swiss-based family office.

After bootstrapping for more than 6 years, opening offices in Munich, Stuttgart and Dubai and becoming one of the fastest-growing companies in Germany, Motius is happy to announce that it closed an investment round. Keeping in line with its bootstrapped DNA, Motius closed an investment round with a Swiss-based family office. The funding will be used to cement the unique market positioning created over the last years: an R&D company that uses a fluid structure to be specialized in new technologies in each tech cycle. Motius believes that positioning will be even more relevant in the future.

Rapid technological change makes it impossible for companies to keep up with all the relevant emerging tech trends, especially as the range is steadily widening. That is why the tech market increasingly needs Motius. With its fluid structure, Motius has been able to keep up with the technological change and develop new products with its clients in different fields, including autonomous driving, industrial IoT, AI-applications for production plants, automated guided vehicles, and products that got showcased at the CES in Las Vegas.

Despite offering a new and important value proposition in the market, the vision of Motius is employee-oriented. It is to be the best place for techies. Having a fluid structure that enables the specialization in emerging technologies happens to be also very compatible with the needs of the new generation of techies. It offers interesting challenges to work on, a very technically diverse environment and a modern working mode. Building a company for techies has always been a goal of the founders of Motius; five techies from the Technical University of München. It was their belief that such a vision ultimately leads to the best value for the market.

The funds will be primarily focused on growing the Motius Talent Pool and its core team. Motius will be building on its techie-first culture by attracting more techies and bringing in certain skills and more seniority into the core team.
The funding will also be used to build a product business on top of the R&D business. Building on its cross-industry experience with new technologies, the product business will focus on developing and launching Motius products, which will then be spun out into new ventures.

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