Launching a corona chatbot in less than a day – a solution developed by Motius

You know how we always say that we build those products that have a real impact on the world? It is time to give you another example of that. With our chatbot solution, one of the biggest insurances worldwide was able to respond to COVID-19, the coronavirus, in real time. Here is how.

How does the coronavirus affect insurances?

We are very sure that you have heard about COVID-19, commonly called coronavirus, so we will not go deeper into the explanation of the virus. If you need more information on the whole topic, make sure to read trustworthy sources like:

  1. World Health Organization: information and guidance regarding COVID-19 on a global level from WHO
  2. Robert-Koch-Institut Germany: all you need to know about corona in Germany
  3. Federal Foreign Office Germany: important information for travelers

But what we do need to mention for the context: In order to slow down the spread of the coronavirus, companies and governments all around the world implemented measures like travel bans, event cancellations or obligatory work from home. As we all see, these measures also affected the people’s private life, e.g. their next vacation. Logically, they wanted to ask their insurance companies about the consequences that they personally have to face.


Our customer in this project is one of the biggest insurance companies in the world. This means that COVID-19 imposes a massive challenge on them. Currently, one of the most important tasks is reacting and responding to all the people that have questions and need support. This actually not only counts for insurances but also for doctors, hospitals and many more related institutions. In effect, every day thousands of people reach out to find out about the coronavirus circumstances. How can an insurance handle such a challenge?

The initial purpose of our tool was happier customers and more effective employees

Last year, Motius built a chatbot-based solution to support our client’s customer service. We didn’t just develop a chatbot, we created a holistic solution that enables everyone to create new and individual chatbots with a simple drag-and-drop interface. This way, our client can build their own bots from scratch — without the need of developers.

Powered by state-of-the-art NLP Engines, each chatbot that gets created in our tool can be deployed on multiple channels at the same time, whether it is the corporate website, Facebook or WhatsApp. And of course it has hybrid human handover with a convenient handover interface, that ensures seamless customer interactions.


The key features of our holistic chatbot solution

What did our client do to handle the corona challenge?

Our client analyzed their bot performance data (and other sources as well) and noticed the high amounts of COVID-19 questions that customers have had. This was in the beginning of March 2020. Then, they could filter for common themes and questions on which basis they were able to create a new user journey. The result? Within just a couple of days, our client was able to deploy a designated coronavirus chatbot across multiple channels — without a single intervention of a developer.


Together, our holistic chatbot solution enabled our client to respond to the coronavirus-crisis in real-time. With a designated chatbot based on real data, they are now available and helpful for their customers 24/7. As COVID-19 keeps spreading and people do not know how to react, this is crucial for them as well as for our client.

Real-world impact with technologies developed by Motius

Being able to see how our holistic chatbot solution enabled our client to react to one of the biggest health challenges of the last years, motivates us to do what we do: drive innovation with cutting-edge technologies.

With one specific chatbot, our client could not have reacted to the situation the way they did. Instead, it was our holistic chatbot solution which enabled them to react. Why did we develop such a solution in the first place?

First, because we focus on user-centric Design Thinking as well as the real application and impact of our solutions. Secondly, because we always ideate closely with our customers and our tech experts. All in all, that’s how we develop the products of the future with state-of-the-art technologies.

But wait there’s more…


The chatbot builder system we created for our client enabled them to react in a crisis and manage the numerous customer requests in a highly professional way while ensuring a great customer experience. As mentioned above, the insurance industry is certainly not the only sector that is struggling with a large amount of requests — be it in general or in situations like right now.

With the chatbot builder, we’ve created a solution for this — and the scenario with our client showed the impact that it can have. This is why we’re making the Motius Bot Builder available. If you want to set up an individual bot (be it because of corona or not) — you can do so using the Motius Bot Builder. Simply contact David, our Head of Think Tank, via Linkedin or send him an e-mail. Want to talk to our tech experts first? Then just contact us below.

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