Why you should become part of the Core Team

Our Core Team

With Motius we created a company that is perfectly tailored for the personal development of young engineers and talents and at the same time for the development of great products and prototypes. As a member of the Core Team, you have a central role to make the best organization for Techies out of Motius and to boost the innovation cycles of our customers.

Here you find more information about how we work:

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Product Owner & Project Manager: Software Engineering
Be in charge of our project teams and manage the contact between customers and teams.
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Business Development Intern
Join our core team and support our companies growth.
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Project Owner: Stuttgart
As a Project Owner you are responsible for projects in the area of general software engineering
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Senior Product Owner & Project Manager
Become Senior/Lead Software Project Manager and bring our company and vision to the next level.

Open Positions in Projects

For non-disclosure reasons we can not list all open positions in all projects. In order to contribute to our projects and to apply the newest technologies to build great products, you need to apply for our Talent Community. Here you find all information on how the community works, how you become part of a project team, and which advantages you get from it.

The positions here should give you a first impression about the topics we’re currently working on:

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Mobile Developer (IOS/Android) (m/f)
Although a lot of our mobile dev projects are being done in ReactNative at the moment, there's still a lot of iOS and Android native stuff going on at Motius.
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Fullstack Engineer
We regularly have open Backend and Frontend positions in our projects where we work with cutting edge technologies to create a buttery smooth UX.
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Backend Development Django
The number of web development projects at Motius is increasing continuously. That's why we're always looking for backend developers.
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Embedded Engineer (m/f)
At Motius we are constantly looking for embedded software and / or hardware engineers for a wide variety of different projects.
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Mechanical Engineer (m/f)
At Motius we are constantly looking for mechanical engineers for a wide variety of different projects. A lot of them are per definition product development projects at the intersection of hardware and software.