As part of our cluster ‘Industry 4.0’ we will soon work on an exciting project regarding automated quality assurance. Our goal is to automatically examine the condition of certain components and possible improvements during the maintenance of agricultural machinery – to increase quality as well as decrease the manual expenditure.
For this we will go through the whole product development process creating a pilot version of the solution. Beside conception, construction and production there will be an exciting embedded part in this project (sensors, actuators, software engineering).

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  • Student of Mechanical Engineering, Aerospace Engineering or similar
  • Experience in product and/or process development
  • Hands on experience with CAD using SolidWorks, CATIA, CREO or similar
  • You are a maker and enjoy prototyping, 3D printing, etc.
  • Ideally, you are creative and enjoy coming up with new solutions to a variety of different problems
  • You‘re a pragmatic problem solver and independent worker
  • You like to collaborate in teams of 3-5 talents in English


  • Taking over the mechanical engineer role in one of the above-mentioned projects or some similar projects
  • Working in teams of 2-4 techies
  • Using our Scrum process with biweekly sprints and regular customer meetings

In general, your tasks at Motius can be very diverse. As each project is an innovation for one of our clients, every project is unique and so are your tasks. For us, it doesn’t matter if you join as a student, intern, freelancer or young professional. Working at Motius is about enabling growth – If you’re good, you will get the responsibilities you ask for.


  • The opportunity to gain experience and take on responsibility in cutting-edge industry projects
  • Open workshops about technical topics (like OpenShift, VueJS or functional programming)
  • Access to the Makerspace
  • Strong personal development focus through soft skill workshops like “How to lead a team” and regular Scrum retrospectives
  • Regular community and monthly teambuilding events
  • Above-average salary and flexible working hours
  • Space in our beautiful inner city office and the option to work remotely.