We asked the 700 Talents from our Talent-Pool

How do you know which technology trends are relevant in your field?
How do you work in a team to come up with new ideas for products?
Which tools do you use to quickly build a prototype?

From the answers we created

Motius Cheat Sheet

Think & Make
A 1-page PDF, which gives you a quick overview about:
  • Trend Analysis
  • Ideation
  • Prototyping

Motius Cheat Sheet

Embedded Systems

A 1-page PDF, which provides you with tools & tips for the development of Embedded Systems:
  • Get started
  • Software-Development
  • Hardware-Development

Motius Cheat Sheet

Design Thinking

A 1-page PDF, which gives you a quick entry into Design Thinking with our:
  • Favourite tools
  • Preferred methods
  • Exclusive tips