Project Description

Smart Poles Dubai


Our customer and partner, Innogy, is currently developing a hardware system for infrastructure based services. Therefore, they designed a system that is capable of gathering all kind of different sensor data, as for instance live feed from a camera, motion caption, light sensors, humidity, and much more environmental information. Also interactive and connectivity elements like an emergency button, a LED panel or Wi-Fi connectivity are implemented. This product is called Smart Poles.


The design of this software follows a user-focused approach, which means that the related functional and non-functional requirements are directly derived from, and therefore are reasonable use cases with high potential for future trends. The team, therefore, covered the following areas:
Web development (Frontend & Backend, familiar with time-series databases, e.g. InfluxDB, and/or video streaming)
Linux and embedded development (sensor connection, data preprocessing, firmware development, implementation of use cases)
Face detection and recognition
Communication between Smart Pole and web application, e.g. via RestAPI, and video streaming


  • WiFi Mesh
  • 3D Printing
  • Video Analysis
  • InfluxDB
  • Django
  • React



  • 2017-2019

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