Culture for us is not a side-effect of how we recruit. We think great talents and cool projects aren’t enough to have the best organization for techies.
We want to have a fluid structure not made rigid by hierarchy and rules. Therefore, we need a strong culture that holds us together.
We can only afford to empower people if we make sure our culture is healthy and positive. That is why we need a culture of integrity and a place morality.
Our culture gives Motees that extra motivation to develop further and push themselves into new areas.

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We are curious.

We love Tech.

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We believe in a “Growth Mindset”.

Work Heart, Play Heart.

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How Motius is a “Place to Grow”

No matter at which point in your career you join us – we want to develop you and go with you on an exciting journey. After becoming part of our community, we support you methodically and provide you with tools and paths in order for you to become the best version on yourself. 


Nikolay, Project Owner at MotiusDominik, Key Account Manager at MicrosoftFelix, UI/UX Designer at MotiusFelix, Freelancer Software Engineer
I joined Motius as a working student after several other jobs at big corporations in Munich. Back then I wasn’t sure if there was a place where one can work with all the cool new tech that you can read about on developer forums - apart from spending a weekend going through GitHub repos or getting a one-way ticket to San Francisco. Well, Motius is that place and I am still here after finishing my master’s thesis last summer.
Nikolay, Project Owner at Motius
"Being part of Motius back in 2015 and working with people remarkably passionate and talented was a really unique experience. I've had the pleasure of being part of Motius for two years until I ended up on Team Xbox at Microsoft. I'm more than delighted I could realize two projects here at Microsoft with you guys and therefore could become a customer of Motius. And as far as I can tell, you have never been more passionate about what you're doing than ever."
Dominik, Key Account Manager at Microsoft
"I’ve been working for Motius since two years now and I am proud to be a part of Motius and several successful projects. As Product Designer I’ve been involved for projects for small startups, mid-size companies to listed companies and got always key responsibilities since the beginning even though I am sometimes joining projects while I am staying abroad."
Felix, UI/UX Designer at Motius
"I joined Motius as a Freelancer to do some small side projects with cutting-edge tech besides my dissertation project. We later found ways to integrate my research and Motius projects in a funded research project. I left Motius to live in the states and pursue my next career goals on the other side of the Atlantic, but hell was it a ride with you guys over the last years."
Felix, Freelancer Software Engineer


When was the last time you allowed yourself sometime to play with something new? Difficult isn’t it? That is why we think Motius has the duty to create play time.
That is not a nice-to-have. We think playing is the best way to discover new tech. Since we aren’t specialized on any certain tech, we need to constantly discover new stuff.
We need to constantly play.


Every 6 months, we ask our Motees about what they would like to learn. The only condition is that it should be a tech or approach that isn’t older than a year.
Then we reserve a whole Friday every two weeks to learn those things in teams. This lasts for 6 months, The application here is not important, it is about the tech. We then go to mountains and spend a weekend finalizing our products.
We come back and start over.

How we build products


In order to develop our products and prototypes quickly yet reliably, we are using a continous integration and delivery pipeline based on GitLab CI. For this, a docker container is created during the build process for every project, which is orchestrated on our kubernetes cluster. This automated staging setup also makes it easier to hand over the finished product.


In order to ensure agility and pace during the whole product developement process, we are using tools like SonarQube, which continously check the code quality. They also provide easy insights for developpers and project owners on the health of the code base. Depending on the technology stack, we are using tools like pytest, JSLint or Selenium. The automatically analyse the code standards.


Every project brings new challenges. Through periodical code reviews an pair programming sessions we are building products but also constantly grow our skills.
Every week, we are doing the so called spanish inquisition. We randomly pick a team that has to present the code and software architecture to one of our experts. Nobody expects the spanish inquisition!


On top of our own hardware lab (3D Printer, soldering station, loads and loads of microcontroller, sensors and more) we  use workshops like the Makerspace in Munich for prototyping. This grants us access to CNC cutter, lasercutter, even more 3D printer and wood- / metalworkshops.
Active Motees get specific courses and training depending on their projects in order to become experts in operating the different machines.


Growing fast and introducing new project teams week by week is challenging.
Here‘s how „Motius Core Team“ and Project Teams become #squadgoals