Project Description

Dosimetry Healthcare Device


A dosimeter is a device that measures exposure to radiation. It’s often worn by people working in the medical field and certain industrial processes. The radiation levels of those dosimeters are analyzed monthly, normally at central interpretation points. Usually, there is one device for reading the dosimeter and second device for erasing it. In some countries, due to budgetary reasons, there is a demand for a device combining reading and erasing functionality. But, vitally, the device should have the same frame size as a single module so as not to interfere with the wearer’s work.


Where originally two modules were needed, our newly developed device is able to both read and erase dosimeters in one process step. This reduces investment costs and also process times for enhanced efficiency. Furthermore, the weight and part costs were reduced because there was now a single device, instead of two.

The device is able to handle different types of dosimeters, identifying them via barcode or RFID. It detects the level of radiation exposure with a photomultiplier. The device is operated with customized embedded software.


  • FPGA
  • CAD
  • PCB Design
  • Rapid Prototyping
  • Photomultiplier



  • 2018