Project Description

Making Truck Driving More Enjoyable


Truck drivers have a very tight work schedule and are constantly monitored by their fleet managers. Every data-driven “innovation” in the last couple of years has made their lives more stressful – not better.
The challenge we faced with this project was to truly understand this user group and generate a product that could help make their work – and lives – easier. The solution had to utilize already available truck data.


Our core idea is to help truck drivers connect with each other while out on the road. In years past, truck drivers used to speak often with other truckers via CB radio. For various reasons, CB radios are not used much anymore.
The new app we developed will allow for voice-based communication and other interactions with other people within a geofence
In the course of this project, we generated a visual click prototype for this new app concept.


  • Design Thinking
  • Rapid Prototyping



  • 2016