Project Description

Webgame for AdCampaign


Running a successful ad campaign can be challenging. It needs to engage people and catch their attention. Our thought was: if you want to sell to gamers, create a campaign in the form of a game where they can unlock coupons.


Creating a good game requires creative minds. When working on a creative task there is no guarantee of success. What’s needed for a successful outcome are time, an inspiring environment, and many iterations. After making sure we had all these requirements, we warmed up by creating a variety of concepts for a browser game.

In the end, there would be one game that would meet all the requirements for the ad-campaign and the target group: Pong, a game classic from 1972 where you hit a “ball” back and forth. Nothing fancy about that, but from that simple concept we worked our way up, creating a new, fancier, and more challenging game.


  • C++
  • .Net
  • C#
  • WebGL
  • Javascript
  • Adobe Illustrator



  • 2018